Order DSM license for Amazon AWS

Data Sync Manager ™ (DSM) is currently available on Amazon AWS marketplace. By simple clicks, users can install and launch DSM(BYOL) client into their AWS instances. If you already have installed DSM AMI in your AWS instance, please follow next steps to purchase DSM AWS license.
1. Choose AWS instance type, vCPU, license duration, and make payment via Paypal.
TYPEvCPUMemory(GiB)Instance Storage(GB)EBS-Optimized AvailableNetwork PerformanceMonth
t2.nano1 vCPU0.5EBS only - Low to Moderate
1 vCPU - Month
t2.micro1 vCPU1EBS only - Low to Moderate
t2.small1 vCPU2EBS only - Low to Moderate
m3.medium1 vCPU3.751 x 4(SSD) - Moderate
t2.medium2 vCPU4EBS only - Low to Moderate
2 vCPU - Month
t2.large2 vCPU8EBS only - Low to Moderate
m4.large2 vCPU8EBS only Yes Moderate
m3.large2 vCPU7.51 x 32(SSD) - Moderate
c4.large2 vCPU3.75EBS only - Moderate
c3.large2 vCPU3.752 x 16(SSD) - Moderate
r3.large2 vCPU151 x 32(SSD) - Moderate
m4.xlarge4 vCPU16EBS only Yes High
4 vCPU / Month
m3.xlarge4 vCPU152 x 40(SSD) Yes High
c4.xlarge4 vCPU7.5EBS only Yes High
c3.xlarge4 vCPU7.52 x 40(SSD) Yes Moderate
r3.xlarge4 vCPU30.51 x 80(SSD) Yes Moderate
d2.xlarge4 vCPU30.53 x 2048 Yes Moderate
i2.xlarge4 vCPU30.51 x 800(SSD) Yes Moderate
m4.2xlarge8 vCPU32EBS only Yes 10 Gigabit
8 vCPU - Month
m3.2xlarge8 vCPU302 x 80(SSD) Yes High
c4.2xlarge8 vCPU15EBS only Yes High
c3.2xlarge8 vCPU152 x 90(SSD) Yes High
g2.2xlarge8 vCPU151 x 60(SSD) Yes High
r3.2xlarge8 vCPU611 x 160(SSD) Yes High
d2.2xlarge8 vCPU616 x 2048 Yes High
i2.2xlarge8 vCPU612 x 800(SSD) Yes High
m4.4xlarge16 vCPU64EBS only Yes High
16 vCPU - Month
c4.4xlarge16 vCPU30EBS only Yes High
c3.4xlarge16 vCPU302 x 160(SSD) Yes High
r3.4xlarge16 vCPU1221 x 320(SSD) Yes High
d2.4xlarge16 vCPU12212 x 2048 Yes High
i2.4xlarge16 vCPU1224 x 800(SSD) Yes High
c3.8xlarge32 vCPU602 x 320(SSD) - 10 Gigabit
32 vCPU - Month
g2.8xlarge32 vCPU602 x 120(SSD) - 10 Gigabit
r3.8xlarge32 vCPU2442 x 320(SSD) - 10 Gigabit
i2.8xlarge32 vCPU2448 x 800(SSD) - 10 Gigabit